On Hold With Qwest

Everyone has horror stories about Qwest. Personally, I had not previously taken issue with them. In fact, they were quite helpful when mystery charges appeared on my bill from a 3rd party company for several months in a row — first removing the service and reversing the charges each month, then blocking the service entirely.

The last few days have been Qwest-hell, though. Yesterday, I was on the phone with them for 45 minutes, and toward the end of the call was yelling obscenities at them. (Those that know me find this difficult to believe.) Today was AN HOUR AND FIFTY SEVEN MINUTES! Let me transfer you from accounting to technical. Let me conference in the ISP. Let me put you on hold and talk to someone in another department. Are you still there? I just need to put you on hold again.

During that nearly two hour phone call (most of which was on hold), I did the following:
* drank two cups of coffee
* pooped
* answered the other phone: “this is an automated message saying your Qwest services are ready to go” LIES!
* moved my car
* replaced an aging thermostat with a fancy one, including anchoring the new one to the wall and properly rewiring
* read about tiling the bathroom
* caught up on RSS feeds (at least the ones that were previously downloaded into the laptop)

Fortunately, we seem to have DSL again now! Finally!

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