Box o’ “Crap”

I think this is mainly for the benefit of Feedle, as it is a bunch of “classic” computer “junk.” I’m cleaning out the attic, throwing a bunch of stuff away. I have a box of “it’s not quite trash” that anyone’s welcome to pick through before it hits the curb.


Items of interest include:
* 50-100 CDs of games, all Win95/DOS, mostly from Virgin and Westwood Studios (my employers back then.) Includes several titles from the Command & Conquer series. An Ultima Online cloth map and a Tomb Raider figurine.
* A pair of “drive cages.” You mount the “socket & rails” part in your computer case, then there are two “cartridges” that you can put hard drives in, easily swapping from one to the other.
* Motorola VoiceModem
* Two DSL modems: Efficient Networks SpeedStream 5250 SDSL Modem (no instructions) & GreatSpeed GS-R240S ADSL Modem (includes instructions)
* X-10 control system, including half-dozen plug-in modules, a couple of remotes, and an alarm clock
* One stick of 128MB motherboard memory
* Radio Shack brand strobe light
* Computer speakers
* Pair of wireless 900MHz speakers (and transmitter), all three with power adapters
* CD ROM drive

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One thought on “Box o’ “Crap””

  1. “I’m on my way over.”

    Actually, I can use the X-10 crap and the RAM. If you want, I’ll take anything computery over to FreeGeek for you just to get a chance to pick at the shit.

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