The Algorithm

Yes, it might be ARGjacking (or, at least, viral-marketing-jacking), but it’s xkcd and it’s funny. Here comes the Google bomb…

More info on this xkcd post. Feel free to ignore this post if you do not understand what’s going on here. Billboards have been spotted with those phrases on them, but Google searches only point to other blogs stating that they have seen the billboards–no real information about what they are for. The xkcd guy decided it would be funny if his site was one of the first search results. The only way to guarantee that is to game the search engines by intentionally linking those phrases to–hence my pseudorandom linkage, above.

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One thought on “The Algorithm”

  1. Heh, there’s a great comment on that xkcd post…

    “If it’s a trailhead for a proper ARG, then it hasn’t been picked up by Unfiction yet.”

    It’s as if trailhead and ARG and unfiction are just normal everyday things that people would know. That’s pretty cool.

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