Today’s Public Cervix Enouncement: Think Before You Post

The National Ad Council teamed up with “Cyber Tipline” to bring you these two public service announcements. Although they are kind of cheesy, I do think the message is something that the current generation of MySpace kids should be hearing. Even some adults might find the information worth thinking about. You can put something on the internet, but you cannot always take it off later.



Also: this is a test post for embedding images using WordPress’s mechanisms for storing and serving up images. In theory, this should work on both the blog and LiveJournal. I will later have to try embedded video links.


2 thoughts on “Today’s Public Cervix Enouncement: Think Before You Post”

  1. If you follow the Rick Emerson Show, you’d know that the marketing director at CBS portland just had her daughter (and friends) TPing someone’s house because… *drumroll* They posted pictures of it on their myspace pages!

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