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I spent my Aperture rebate on the new video iPod, which arrived this morning. I would have really liked to have held out until the rumored “true video” iPod came out… but the rebate was set to expire at the end of the month, plus I'm not sure I want the v1.0 model of a new iPod with newly invented touchscreen technology (assuming the rumors are correct.)

I now have all of Lost seasons 1 and 2 in my pocket. Yeay. The screen is bright and sharp. The games look interesting. The headphones are really better than the previous ones. They old ones had those little foam pads, which I would keep losing (either in my pockets or ingested by cats.) Without the pads, they would keep falling out of my ears. The new earphones have no foam pad, but a soft rubber lip that keeps them in my ears quite well. Look at that. I spent two sentences glossing over assorted features and three on the minutiae of headphones (which you can purchase separately anyway.)

Overall, it's not a revolutionary change, but an evolutionary change. The addition of video is new to me and means that I'll be able to catch up on the video podcasts I'm subscribed to, which I rarely watch right now (except for Ask a Ninja and Control Alt Chicken.) Maybe it means that I'll finally find the time to watch those LonelyGirl15 viral videos that everyone has been hyping about. Meh… probably not. It just doesn't interest me. I'd much rather watch Hope is Emo, which at least everyone knew was fictional (and funny) from the beginning.

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