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This morning, Kim and I stopped by the new coffee shop that is not Diedrich's, but was started by one of the Diedrich clan. The Turkish Coffee was not quite what I expected, but still quite good. Based on the amount of time it took, I have to wonder if I was the first person, ever, to order that drink from them. The building and furnishings are nice, but parking is a bit tight.

We checked into the Grand Californian today and ran around Disneyland Proper. Tomorrow will be more of the same, plus we'll probably conquer Disney's California Atrocity. If any of you Passholes are around tomorrow (I don't even know who has annual passes anymore), give me a call.

Our room overlooks Downtown Disney and they must be using some kind of Martian technology for the soundproofing in the sliding glass balcony door because it successfully blocks out an impossible amount of sound.

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