Bowling Balls + Sledgehammers = FUN!

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Earlier today, [info]substitute pointed to Mondo Croquet, which is a game that seems to be played every summer, just up the street. Looking at the website, the Portland Cacophony Society has a pretty big hand in it. It is basically normal croquet, only played with bowling balls, and with an extra phase at the end in which you are a zombie, plus special rules for things like breaking your ball.

The object of the game is to get your ball through all the hoops in the proper order, hit the flags, become a zombie, and knock out all your opponents.

Bowling ball, sledgehammer, bent rebar for the hoops, straight rebar for the flag poles.

Becoming A Zombie
Once you have completed the course by striking the starting flag post, you become a zombie. Remove your ball from the playing field and sit out one turn. When you come back, place your ball touching the flag post. This is the last time you may touch rebar. As a Zombie, rebar is like antimatter – if you touch it or go through a hoop, you die! Therefore, do not hit your ball back through the hoops. Each turn you get one and only one hit, regardless of the result. Any ball you hit dies, even if it is also a Zombie. You only die if another Zombie hits you when it's not your turn or if you hit rebar or go through a hoop. If a non-Zombie hits you, the non-Zombie is dead. When it is your turn, other Zombies cannot kill you but they can still kill other balls and Zombies. Thus if your Zombie hits another Zombie and the other Zombie then hits another ball, that ball is dead too, even if it was also a Zombie. The balls do not “die” until they stop rolling.

Split Balls
If your ball splits into multiple pieces, you must finish the game with the largest piece. There is an optional rule where the ball can be replaced if the person buys everyone beer.

Next summer, I am so there!

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