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Note: If anyone wants to check out Euphoria, their 2 year anniversary is at 8pm on Saturday. There will be bellydancing performances (from the instructors and advanced students–sorry you had to sit through that student show last year, Brandon), but it is unlikely there will be any yoga performances (wha?!). Still, if you are interested in the Yoga For Stiffs class (Brian! Eric!) and just want to chat with the instructor, find out more about the class, and that sort of thing, feel free to show up. Or if you have yoga questions and don’t want to show up to the event, just give me a call or drop by before a class to talk with the teacher directly.

Note: The Circus Contraption show is after that at 9:30-ish (Dante’s is never on time.) You know you want to go.

Note: Kim and I will again be having a Thanksgiving Dinner For Wayward Portlanders for those of us who do not have family in town. Detailed information will be forthcoming. We are still debating the whole turkey thing, but it looks unlikely that there will be a bird. There *will* be yummy gourmet food of other sorts, though, including many vegetarian-friendly dishes.

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