Dreams With Nauseating Vertigo Are Fun!

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Strange dream: Kim and I were going to a concert in a big theater. I think it was going to be a Circus Contraption show, but the dream never made it that far. We showed up just before the opening act was going to start and found our way to the nose-bleed-section seats.

The opening band started playing and I sarcastically said a little too loud, “oh, right., like we haven't heard a lounge cover of [song name here, but I think it was Personal Jesus] before.” An instant after that, vertigo set it. Like — serious vertigo. Like I was sitting in bleachers that were collapsing. I grabbed on to some rails or armrests or whatever was around me because I was falling and I could see the walls rushing up, but I never really hit the floor like I expected, even after the 10-20 second eternity it was. Suddenly, it stopped and I found myself sitting a little sideways, clenching whatever solid fixtures I could find. Just as suddenly, before I had time to think, I was “falling” toward the side wall I was facing. I just kept accelerating toward it as things wooshed by, but I never actually got closer to it, even after what was approaching 30 seconds. I had the impression that the very same thing was happening to every audience member at the same time, but I couldn't really tell for certain.

*pop* Suddenly, I was just standing out in the parking lot beside the theater. There were two rather rough looking guys there in nondescript clothes that seemed to be either security or guides or both. They explained that I wasn't really there, but it was a trick of cameras or optics or somesuch and that we had to go to my car. Oh, and by the way, your directions are reversed. “Raise your right arm.” So I raised my right arm, but found that my left came up instead. Walking was even more difficult and took a lot of conscious effort to bring forward the correct foot each step. It wasn't that I was looking into a mirror — it was as if someone plugged the left speaker in the right jack, and vice-versa, in the stereo system that was my brain. The actual motor control signals were reversed.

We (the two kind of scary guys and I) made it to my car. The left/right reversal thing was becoming easier and almost second nature at that point, but I did have some difficulty opening the trunk. Clockwise and counterclockwise were equally reversed and I kept trying to turn the key the “correct” way and it kept not wanting to turn. I eventually got it open and they grabbed my stuff! They then explained that they were going to take me around to stores and that I would shoplift stuff for them because I had a perfect alibi: I was not actually there, but still sitting in the theater with everyone else (how I was able to use my key in the trunk, or even interact with physical objects was never explained.) I had a few issues with thievery plan, turned, and started to run back toward the theater entrance. Walking and running were quite easy now that my brain had time to adjust.

At the entrance, I found Kim standing there waiting. She plucked something out of the air in front of her and threw it away–a small prism of crystal, it looked like. I asked what that was. Her cryptic response was that not only left and right were reversed, but inside and outside, too. She had a fairy's [either “wing” or “tear,” I no longer remember what she said] in her lung that she had to get rid of. (The implication was that it is bad for some reason that was not explained.) Shortly after that, I woke up.

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