Google RSS Webulation Thinger

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The new Google RSS Reader is alright, but was really sluggish in the initial few hours. It kept refusing to import my list of feeds (from NetNewsWire). It seems to be working now, but currently nothing has tags/labels. This sort of sucks because there is no easy way to perform mass operations for this kind of thing. I cannot select 10 feeds and tag them “podcasts,” I have to go into each one and type in the word “podcasts” ten times.

It is doubtful that I will continue to use Google Reader. I like having all my news on the laptop, whether or not I am online. Having a separate application for news just seems a whole lot easier than having to load up a web page which has to keep refreshing–even if it is AJAX JavaScript happiness, it still has much more latency than a local program and datastore.

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