Hot, Take 2

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There are a lot of people with mid-to-high-end 64-bit computers. I am one of them. There are some people who like to brag about the jiggabytes of memory and kilograms of storage. These are often the same people who put their computers in fancy cases with see-through windows and fancy neon lights that make their computers look like souped up cars or cheap motels. These are the same people that go that extra distance and replace all of their computer fans with water-cooled systems that use hoses, impellers, and radiators. I am not one of these people.

In my world, where the 64-bit computer is sitting in an office directly facing the 90-degree sun, we do things differently. We go right past the water cooling and go directly to ice cooling. You will see my system below:

The computer is moved out of the hutch’s restrictive air flow and on to the desk beside it. A dual fan cooling system helps transfer hot air away from the computer and cool air, cooled by a pie tin full of ice, up through the air intake at the bottom of the machine. A power transformer, used as a paperweight, helps prevent stray stacks of paper from being carried away in the whirlwind.

Observant folks will note that I have finally received my first couple of packs of Perplex City puzzle cards. Yeay!

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