Podcast Meetup

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Portland Podcasting meetup. Pretty cool, pretty productive. The usual suspects, the usual location. There was much talk about the new iTunes. Even though it is virtually next to Starbucks, I brought one of those cardboard carafe/carrier things from Peet’s. For about the price of two fancy Starbucks drinks, we had more coffee than we could handle, a big carton of half-and-half, lots of sugar and stirrers, cups, and lids.

They need to do something about the air conditioning in that place. About half-way through, I fiddled with the little AC computer thermostat thing and saw that it was set on “fan,” but it looked like it was just the fan with no cooling. Turning down the temperature did nothing and there was no obvious way to turn on the cooling to go with the fan, so they might lock down the cooling part after-hours. I worked at a place like that once–they did it to prevent the AC system from freezing solid if left on, but it sucked to work after-hours or weekends.

We got stood up by Adam Curry, who thought cramming for his flight test tomorrow is more important than sitting around with a bunch of sweaty geeks and audio personalities. Can’t he get his priorities straight? Doesn’t he know that we are more important than some silly pilot’s license???

Bed time.

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