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I think I can now tell you, with absolute certainty, how NOT to make fresh strawberry lemonade in a 1L glass stein.

I forgot to mention on Monday what a great time I had with Spacebass, joebrent, and Sarkenobi when we got to hang out on Sunday night. There was much geekery (people logged in to the same channel from three or four different devices in Joe’s hotel room.) Sarah was a hyperspaz — not at all in a bad way, it just took a few minutes to initially get used to it. Joe kept paying for everything throughout the night, brushing off the protests and attempts from others to pay. After every place closed and we all returned to his hotel for more beer (procured from a 7-11 that wanted the IDs of everyone in the cab), it took me three attempts to finally hide a $20 such that he would not see it until checkout time in the morning. I finally managed to slip it in the refrigerator and got a text message the following day threatening to return it via PayPal.

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