I like lists!

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I like lists! Highlights of the past week-or-so:

  • At work, we finally shipped out our big product that we have been working on for almost a year. Admittedly, we only shipped one, but manufacturing is building up ten more, at which point we can probably make ’em em masse. This gives us a bit more breathing room, but I expect the flow of bugs to begin and the firmware versions to increase steadily.
  • Late dinner at Crush, consisting of mac & cheese, which was good, but I was told it was better in the past. They could have used fewer bread crumbs. The drinks were good–mine being a green tea infused vodka and Kim’s being a lychee and lime something-or-other. We were serenaded by some kind of gay rap/techno/hiphop album.
  • Visiting (and sort of working at) Saqra’s Showcase. Highlights include:
    • Bellies of all shapes, colors, and sizes
    • A gay bellydancer shaking his manboobs (he was actually one of the most talented performers there and brought huge crowds)
    • A lady looking for accessories for her Klingon bellydancer costume
    • Children entirely too young to be “dressing teh sexy”
    • A high school bellydance squad
    • Good music
  • Upon returning home, we discovered that SE Portland, being mostly locally owned businesses, has lots of bars but very few establishments with full kitchens open past 10. We did find that The Blue Monk has a kitchen open late, so settled down there. I was a bit disturbed that the menu included a dirty sanchez.
  • Mahjongg tiles! I was able to find only a couple of affordable (i.e. not bone or ivory) sets in our humble little Chinatown. The final decision was between a set in what looked like a fishing tackle box (four trays of tiles stacked) and a set in what looked like fake-plastic-snakeskin (but more like an oversized book–two trays, side-by-side, stacked two deep.) While the tackle box seemed much more sturdy, I went with the flatter set, as it could more easily be carried in my laptop bag. The tiles include arabic numerals for those of us who cannot count past four in the cracks suit or remember which symbol is which compass direction.
  • Probably more stuff that I cannot remember…
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