Soy and Audio Overload

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Tonight was the Podcasting Meetup. The plan was to stop by home real quick then head out to the meet. The plan failed. It did not take into account the half-liter of soy sauce I had to mop up in the kitchen. Just in time for the smell of the teriyaki fire to dissipate, the kitchen now smells of soy sauce. There were no paw prints in the lake of soy or puddle of balsamic vinegar, but I am pretty certain I know how all of the bottles randomly fell to the floor. Also, I think the cats have kidnapped one of my pewter tabasco bottle holders. (Yes, I have “tabasco cozies” made of metal.)

I arrived late to the meetup. The whole thing was pretty cool, but I felt a bit awkward and out of place. I have not run a podcast nor really intend to–I just like the technology and enjoy listening to a lot of good local content–and everyone else seemed to already know each other really well.

Several of us went to do the Beercast the other night, which was quite fun. Best quote of the night: “You know–those tattoos on their lower back; the bend-me-over-a-chair-and-fuck-me tattoos.”

Last weekend was great. Kim and I got to spend the whole weekend together, doing things like run around Mount Tabor. Somewhere around here, I have blurry cameraphone photos of her (and me!) with a crown of daisies. Am I going to have to re-learn the Palm API and write an app to upload this kind of stuff to PHP Gallery?

P.S. I uploaded photos, but Gallery does not understand the video format. For that matter, I am not even sure I understand the video format. *.3gp?

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