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Things that were broken or otherwise not in peak condition this weekend in chronological order:

  • My body, which started the weekend full of ouch and gas
  • One of the octagonal drinking glasses, which was in the sink as the coffee maker’s carafe was being cleaned. It got struck by the carafe and shattered. Fortunately the coffee maker is fine.
  • One of the bulbs in the living room ceiling fan, which flickered and died about thirty seconds after turning on the light fixture.
  • A wine glass, which had just been filled with some high quality wine. As I picked up the iPod and its speaker system cradle to transport from the kitchen, where I had just finished making food, to the living room, where I was going to consume food, the weight shifted. The thing with these Altec Lansing inMotion speakers is that the iPod sits back in the cradle. If they shift a bit too far forward, your iPod is suddenly inMotion, spilling out the front of the unit and the folding speakers typically fall around on their hinges, too. So the iPod fell out of the dock, the speakers swung around enough to cause me to lose my grip, and the whole kit and caboodle fell on to the wine glass. Fortunately, the hard drive in the iPod and the speakers seem okay (if a little wine soaked). The glass exploded into a million pieces and the cookbook that was open next to the glass is very nearly ruined. I cannot even argue “the wine made me tipsy.” That was to be my first glass of wine of the evening. In complying with Murphy’s Law, it was also the last glass of wine in the bottle.
  • During the aforementioned iPod near-disaster, I managed to nick my finger on glass. This is not a simple puncture wound, but a very clean, very deep slice through the tip of the finger. It was not quite deep enough for stitches, but was deep enough that the bandage needed to be changed three times before the bleeding was properly controlled.
  • Twenty four hours after the initial light bulb pop, the other white light bulb in the same fixture died in exactly the same way. (It has two white and two red, independently controlled.) Of course, the last of my backup bulbs got used to replace the first one.
  • Twelve hours after the previous light bulb burnout, the one over the stove did the same. I was able to rustle up a funky fluorescent bulb as a replacement, but now my cooking surface is off-color.
  • While creating some teriyaki sauce for dinner tonight, it violently boiled over. Enough of it came out of the saucepan that it not only filled the reflector dish under the burner, but fell into the oven (where I was cooking something else.) The pool of teriyaki sauce in the bottom of the oven, consisting of 50% sugar, bubbled up into a carbonized mess and then proceeded to catch fire, filling the house with rancid smoke. The fire was fun to watch through the glass window in the oven door.
  • Keep reading this blog. There are still three hours left in the weekend.

P.S. While I strictly adhered to the Teriyaki Chicken recipe in one of the only English language cookbooks from Uwajimaya, it still tastes like some kind of weird candied chicken. There is waaaayyyy too much brown sugar in this shiznit.
P.P.S. Kim suggested we should have people over to watch this and next week’s Lost episodes. (I would say to bring a laptop or a blank CD if you want the two episodes for your own personal collection.) The only question is: what day? Wednesday is out, as it is too soon after the episode has aired for me to, without a doubt, have secured a copy. That leaves Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

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