We’re walking; we’re walking….

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Last night, I walked. And walked. And walked. Last night, I walked from 24th to 23rd, but did it in some 47+ blocks. In reality, it probably worked out to be much more since the blocks near the waterfront are not numbered and the bridge has some amount of unaccounted-for length. That also only takes longitude into account. There was a good number of north/south walking. We did not intend to walk that far–just down to Hawthorne and 7th to go to a nonexistent bar, decided to go to Grand to look for a bar there (and found several, all very, very empty). Once up to Burnside, we decided to wander across the bridge, downtown. We then started thinking of 21st/23rd and intended to take the street car, but it was quicker to walk than to wait 30 minutes in the cold. It ended up being a lot of little segments of walking, each not very far, but the sum was quite far.

We eventually made it to McMenamin's Ram's Head, which was a nice little bar in the basement of an apartment building. There was much discussion of Lost and other random topics. Fortunately, we did not stay too long after midnight, so busses were still running. The walk home looked long, not just a bunch of little incremental steps, so the bus was a thankful conclusion.

Yesterday afternoon, I did general house stuff–made some homemade mac and cheese that turned out pretty well, did laundry, listened to podcasts, organized things, etc.

Yesterday morning was a tasty breakfast with Kim. Did you know you can put cinnamon in pancakes??? Who knew? Well, I am sure you all knew the big secret, but I just discovered, myself.

Friday was a wash. I came home from work and slept off-and-on. I was tired and feeling a bit sick to the stomach. I am not sure why, as lunch was at the same place I have had lunch countless times and the previous night's dinner was with Kim, who was not sick.

It is at this point where I must close this post. The nekkid kitty just climbed into my lap and it is plainly obvious he decided to climb into the fireplace beforehand.

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