NeoZombies Reach Your Brain Through Your Eyes

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Tonight's dream was about zombies, but not conventional zombies. None of them were shuffling around inquiring about BRAAAIIIIINS. In fact, one was articulate enough to have a conversation — in fact was an evil, persuasive, silver-tongued monster.
Anyway, the whole thing was a fairly linear slog through something that started like a building at the bottom, ended like a skyscraper at the top, but was sort of weird in the middle — sometimes turning into large caverns, dry rocky caves, or sandy tunnels. Sometimes there was a lot of water (or mud, in the case of the sand.) At least, I hoped it was water. There were no real branches or alternate routes — as I said, it was a fairly linear climb up stairs, hallways, dark dirty caverns, then back to fancy stairs of polished wood with elegant carpet and wainscoting.
There were very few zombies at first. The few that appeared were quite easy to outrun and did not seem terribly interested in a chase. Toward the top of the building, there were increasingly more zombies. Again, they did not seem terribly interested in eating my flesh or extracting my brain or otherwise interacting–except one. There seemed to be a queen zombie that kept chasing me, taunting me, and threatening to turn me into a zombie. She kept appearing, chasing me around, and at one point almost turned me into a zombie. Apparently, it took some kind of eye contact — her eyes meet up with mine, some red, diamond-shaped (…or maybe it is a square rotated 45 degrees) energy field with a picture of an eye on it shoots out of her eyes. It starts out small, quickly expanding to about the size of a piece of paper, until it finally reaches my eyes. She called it off in mid-air. Supposedly, upon meeting my eyes, it turns me into a zombie — with the side effect of the back of my head exploding or something. She did not want to get blood on the nice woodwork on the wall behind me. Also, it seemed like the cliche movie moment where the villain reveals their plans (or at least how the zombification works) and does not quite kill the hero.
At that point, I knew it was all about eye-contact. I managed to slip away and was fairly close to the top of the building. I kept running around rooms and ascending stairs. If the queen zombie got close, I could simply look around to get a good glimpse of the walls, furniture, and stairs around me, then close my eyes and continue. All the while, she would be taunting. “Once you get to the top of the building, there will be no place else to go.” I suddenly realized that “my boss” (whoever that was) owned the building and was both rich and paranoid. He likely had, at the very least, a helicopter up there. He might have had something even more elaborate and cool. Looking back from my current wakeful state, it seems odd that I was not concerned that I have no idea how to pilot a helicopter.
I finally made it to the top of the building, but in an eyes-closed state. I had no idea how big it was, what the layout looked like, or if there was something I could use to escape. The only thing I knew was that it was paced shoulder-to-shoulder with zombies, the queen zombie was somewhere off behind me (still taunting), and that my eyes were still closed. At that point, I woke up.

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