I was a busy little coder-monkey this weekend

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For those people who are members of del.icio.us and also happen to be running the Safari web browser, I bring you TastySafari. This is a new tool designed to download your subscribed bookmarks into your Safari toolbar. Currently, the core works well, but it is missing a few niceties (like saving your login information between sessions and the standard OS X hotkeys like Command-W).

Did I mention how cool it is that Apple is using XML for the data files in many of their apps? Did I mention I am working on a tool to synchronize iPhoto and PHP Gallery? This is one of the things I always forget to do. I really dislike the HTML photo galleries iPhoto produces, but I always download images from my camera's memory cards into iPhoto. Consequently, they get out of sync and it is a huge pain in the butt to synchronize the two, especially if the filenames in one system are IMG_1234.JPG and the filenames in the other is ebenezer_in_a_blanket.jpg. This should fix some of my problems. The only problem is that the Gallery API is a little bit broken right now, which means my work has stopped until that gets fixed. I wonder how many people REALLY use that Java remote client they provide. According to the mailing list and the CVS log, I think this has been broken since early January and nobody has noticed.

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