“How do we work when the servers are burning?”

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Hellooooo Starbucks. I hate your coffee, but love your partnership with T-Mobile. Why couldn't D's have the same partnership? I am starting to think that Starbucks intentionally makes their coffee bad, just so they can more easily up-sell their froofie drinks with too much sugar.

The travel was easy. A shuttle picked us up from home and we remembered the tickets were still sitting on the desk at the last minute, as the driver was closing the doors. We arrived at the airport fairly quickly with bags and tickets in hand. The security checkpoint was a breeze–which is abnormal for me, with all my difficult-to-describe electronic gear and metal detector unfriendly attire. I am surprised they let the Überbattery though, as they wanted all laptops in a separate tray through the metal detectors, and I am sure that array of batteries has a very strange X-Ray signature that is probably similar to a laptop, but different enough to be abnormal.

One thing that did not appear on my to-do list is “Sandwich #112 from Tummy Stuffer + Ginseng Ginger Ale from D's + OC Weekly + D's patio.” Done. Diedrich's was nice. There were new faces and old faces and faces so old they seemed new. I seem to have brought the Portland weather with me, and some were happy about that. Oh, and thanks to some of the talk, I still have the Black Adder theme song stuck in my head. Thanks. Really.

I had two strange dreams last night. The first dream had Conrad and I working at the same place–a big, old, building that houses some kind of internet hosting company. The building was big, about four stories, and pretty darn old: splintering 2-by-4's, bad wiring, and all that. The computers were quite new: super-fast processors that ran hot and had insufficient cooling. When the building caught fire, everyone slowly found their way outside. You could see flames through a couple of windows, but overall, it did not seem like a bad fire. The management did not want to call the fire department yet, and that seemed normal for everyone. The paramedics arrived, but nobody was hurt. Eventually, when the flames got uncontrollable and it looked like there was no saving this building, the fire department came. They could not save the building. They talked to a few of us, but nobody thought to mention that they were not called immediately, and they never really asked. There were various festivities–picnic buffet style food and drink, a few games, a marching band, some local high school's cheerleading squad, some speeches, and all sorts of stuff. I took a lot of pictures, starting with the first licks of flame peeking through the windows and ending with some weird American Beauty-esque shots of people ogling the teens. I was hoping to be able to post them for everyone that could not attend. Unfortunately they are now all stuck on the camera in my dream with no way to retrieve them.

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