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My Sea-Monkeys at work are having a threesome. A male has grappled onto a female and another male has grappled onto that male. I am not sure whether or not I should turn off the Sea-Monkey cam.

Stolen from TenaciousG, I have the proof that I am evil…

**** THE PROOF THAT Brian Enigma IS EVIL ****

   B   R   I   A   N   E   N   I   G   M   A
  66  82  73  65  78  69  78  73  71  77  65     - as ASCII values
   3   1   1   2   6   6   6   1   8   5   2     - digits added
  \_____/ \_____/ \_____/ \_____/ \_________/
   4       3       3       7       6             - digits added

Thus, “Brian Enigma” is 43376.

Divide the number by 002 – this is the symbol of greed, backwards. It gives 21688.

Subtract 1351 from the number – this is the year Richard Roose was conveniently boiled to death for trying to poison an archbishop, written backwards. It gives 20337.

Turn the number backwards, subtract 1934 – the year first laundromat opened in Texas, giving birth to darkest, twisted urban fears. The number is now 71368.

Add 32 to it – this is the symbol of death, written backwards – you will get 71400.

Turn the number backwards, and add 1904 – the year Oppenheimer, the man who created the atomic bomb, was born. The number is now 2321.

This, when read backwards, gives 1232. This is 666 in octal, the number of the Beast…

Evil, QED.

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