JBuilder Rocks!

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So, I went and got myself a copy of JBuilder the other day (mostly to help me with some of the Java Swing stuff I am having difficulty debugging in the transition of robotfindskitten from a Java applet you can play in your browser to a full-fledged cross-platform game. I bought JBuilder, expecting to have to boot to Windows in order to use it.

Imagine my surprise when, after installing it to the Windows partition, I get a text box pop up saying something to the effect of Now that you have installed JBuilder, check the file readme_windows.html, readme_solaris.html, or readme_linux.html for more information. Solaris? Linux? Eh?

It turns out that JBuilder, the tool to help you write Java, is written in Java. (Of course, it makes a strange sort of sense now, considering most C compilers are written in C.) Ha! Take that, Quine! I’m booting back to Linux to install this program-making-program on a real operating system!

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