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It seems to be to be absolutely silly for the news services to be using the term “100 pound bomb” to describe the accidental bombing of hospitals, old folks homes, etc. The actual weight of the bomb really does not matter. Bombs are usually measured as being equivalent to “xxx weight” of TNT. The bomb may have a 100lb explosive (i.e. some amount of explosive, probably less than 100lbs, that has the same explosive power as 100lbs of TNT). Saying “a bomb with a 100lb warhead” or “a bomb with the equivalent power of 100lbs of TNT” is one thing, but saying a 100lb bomb is inaccurate.

Also, what’s with the Tom conspiracy? Tom Browcaw (sp?) and Tom Dashal (sp?)…both the subject of direct anthrax attacks….Hmmmm…makes you wonder…

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