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This is being written while watching Good Will Hunting. Why? Why not. I liked the movie enough to buy it on DVD. I have not watched it in about 6-12 months. I saw Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back which had a few Afflek/Daemon/Good Will Hunting jokes in it. That, plus talk of maybe possibly moving to the east coast in another year or two reminded me of my previous stay in Boston and of the movie. Whatever.

I have a friend (“Dude, you really do have a friend in the world?” “Shut up.”) that has been very into a website called The Nightmare Project that chronicles people’s nightmares. I thought I would share some recent ones in a freakish attempt at writing something. On occassion, I still get recurring nightmares, which I will leave out of this particular entry (and probably from ANY entry).

Most of the time when sleeping, I have been at my girlfriend’s house. There is at least one person there that thinks it is inhabited by a ghost of some sort. Personally, I am not sure I believe in such things…maybe they exist, maybe they do not…I think I will stay agnostic on the prospect until the jury comes in. The first dream revolves around this–maybe it was induced by the stories, maybe it was “contact with the other side,” maybe it was something else. Most of the dream has been forgotten, but it boils down to me being able to talk to the 2 year old of another person living in the house, who regularly communicates with the ghost. I was unable to see or contact the ghost itself. Somehow, I knew a priori that the ghost’s name is Anna, without talking to it or the kid. The kid was able to “control” the ghost–make it move things around. Specifically, it was a single die (singular of dice) and a little plastic figure on my girlfriend’s desk. The dream was not too terribly scary, but I woke up with a creepy feeling.

There was another dream where a doctor had to cut open my arm and remove fat (not that I have any to remove!). He grabbed my arm, grabbed a big nasty knife and cut. I do not remember the location, situation, or any other details, but I do remember the knife cutting into my left arm, down to the bone. It hurt like hell! He separated the flesh, and I could see the split flesh and the grey-white stuff in there that looked like animal fat. He pulled it out with a spoon-type thing, and I woke up.

There was a third dream, that was very cyberpunk-like. I remember very few details, though. There were several tests/tasks that I had to complete. I am not sure why, but it probably had to do with the final task. The first task was something I do not remember. The second task had to do with foiling the plans of rats trying to take over the world. Mind you, not Pinky and the Brain mice, but real dirty smelly flea-ridden mice. For some reason, their plan hinged on people installing and running a program from a CD. People were too lazy to do this, so the plan fell apart under its own weight. The third task involved a video or DVD of some sort taken from a video camera. Some kind of forgery, or a person erased from the scenes or something. It was a mystery that had to be solved. The fourth task involved either uploading by brain into a system or making an image of it or something. I had to go to the store and pick up a cardboard box (like the kind that tea comes in). Previously, I had hidden one of these elsewhere in the store because I knew there would be a shortage when it was necessary. I bought it, took it home, then proceeded to follow the instructions (without reading them first). It involved making a strong cup of coffee (I think included in the box), taking a syringe (included in the box), and either injecting the coffee or removing some blood to put into the coffee. I couldn’t complete this step without waking up.

The fourth dream involved a standardized test of sorts. My girlfriend is preparing for her LSAT testing, so I think I was probably affected by it. The test was composed of physical objects–a flat table-like space with circles drawn upon it, some chess pieces, and some pieces of cardboard. The point was to arrange the cardboard to form walls so that certain pieces could and certain other pieces could not reach any/all of the spots on the table. The first was easy and involved taking a strip of cardboard, slotting it, then putting it on end (like a circular or Jesus-fish shaped wall). The pieces on the inside stayed on the inside. The pieces on the outside stayed on the outside. The next test was more difficult and I could not solve it (yet, in my dream, I knew the correct answer). It was similar, only it involved two circular walls, with a strip of cardboard bent into an A-frame, so the pieces could use it as a bridge to go between the pools of circular isolation. Yeah, geeky–but whatever.

Okay, those are my recent dreams… Had to get them out “on paper,” so to speak.

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