Hipster PDA ARG and Programming Tools

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The ARG and Programming Tools tem­plates are read-only ref­er­ence for com­mon data used in pro­gram­ming and ARG puz­zle solv­ing. This includes an ASCII table, decimal-to-hex con­ver­sion and vice-versa, sev­eral cod­ing schemes (Morse code, braille, ROT13), a list of primes, and a list of English let­ter fre­quen­cies.

ARG/Programming Tools

This is a “read-only” card con­sist­ing of a num­ber of pieces of ref­er­ence mate­r­ial that I com­monly need. This includes:

  • prime num­bers from 2..137
  • a ROT-13 table
  • let­ter fre­quen­cies in the English lan­guage
  • a Morse code ref­er­ence
  • a Braille ref­er­ence
  • Roman numer­als
  • a decimal/hex/ASCII table

Download: arg_tools.pdf

Emergency ARG Pocket Reference

The Emergency ARG Pocket Reference was designed a few years ago for attend­ing live events for Alternate Reality Games. It con­tains a num­ber of use­ful codes, ciphers, and charts that fre­quently arise dur­ing ARG play. With the advent of smart­phones and the increased com­plex­ity of ARG puz­zles, the util­ity of this ref­er­ence has less­ened. It is pro­vided here for the sake of com­plete­ness.

Download: arg_emergency.pdf

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  1. Sorry to men­tion this, but the name for the Emergency ARG Pocket Reference down­load says “arg_tools.pdf” but it really links to “arg_emergency.pdf”. Thanks for mak­ing this!

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