Quick Build: Pill Bottle Organizer

One of the cats now takes pills twice a day. Some need to be quartered and some need to be halved. I end up making four days of pills at once and stash them in one of those pill box organizers you’d expect an old man to be using. (Well, technically, he’s getting to be an older cat, so that tracks.) Instead of tossing everything into a bag or leaving them loose, I thought I’d make an organizing/carrying tray for both the pills and the scalpel I use for splitting them. There’s not much to this build, hence a quick blog post. It’s three layers of walnut, some 3mm screws, and some rubber feet that thread onto the screws.

The svg design file is super-simple, as is assembly.

And that’s it. The design is forgiving, matching any thickness of material, as long as the screws fit. The red lines get cut first. Green is scored, black is etched, and blue is cut at the end. Simple design, quick blog post.

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