Tasty Safari

Tasty Safari v1.5
Copyright © 2004, Brian Enigma <brian @ net­ninja . com>

Download Tasty Safari v1.5, binary and source code, 8MB
Download just the source code, includ­ing depen­dent libraries, mul­ti­me­dia, and build files, (4MB)


  • Download your sub­scribed links on del.icio.us into Safari
  • Backs up pre­vi­ous 9 ver­sions of your book­marks in case of dis­as­ter
  • Tested with Safari 1.2 (v125) and OS X Panther

Fixed/Added in v1.5

  • Added pre­view of book­mark bar
  • Checkmarks to enable/disable Delicious home, your Delicious page, and your Delicious inbox

Process & Backups

Safari stores your book­marks in a folder in your home direc­tory, specif­i­cally ~/Libray/Safari/Bookmarks.plist. This is an XML file con­form­ing to the stan­dard Apple Properties List (plist), which basi­cally means it can store nested asso­cia­tive arrays. It stores dic­tio­nar­ies (book­marks and their asso­ci­ated meta­data) and fold­ers (arrays).

Tasty Safari loads a copy of this file into mem­ory. It then processes the copy by adding your del.icio.us book­marks. Assuming every­thing hap­pens cor­rectly, a backup is made and the new book­mark plist file is writ­ten.

The backup process saves the last nine ver­sions of your book­marks as files named Bookmarks.plist.#, where # is a num­ber between 1 and 9. The fol­low­ing steps are per­formed:

  • If Bookmarks.plist.9 exists, it is removed
  • If Bookmarks.plist.8 exists, it is renamed to Bookmarks.plist.9
  • ...
  • If Bookmarks.plist.1 exists, it is renamed to Bookmarks.plist.2
  • Bookmarks.plist is renamed to Bookmarks.plist.1
  • The newly formed book­mark data sit­ting in mem­ory is writ­ten as Bookmarks.plist

Every step of the down­load, import, and save process is accom­pa­nied by sev­eral “san­ity checks.” These ensure that all of the data is in a state that the pro­gram expects and can deal with. If some­thing does not look right, Tasty Safari will abort and dis­play infor­ma­tion about an “UnexpectedXmlException.” While this is not nor­mal behav­ior (please send me any details if you get an error like this), it is behav­ior put in place to ensure your book­marks never get trashed.

To-Do List

  • Enable the Cancel but­ton
  • Currently defaults to putting del.icio.us folder at the far right of the book­mark bar; should be con­fig­urable
  • Incremental updates–download only what is new since the last time you down­loaded
  • Rewrite to bet­ter sep­a­rate GUI and back-end code, enabling run­ning from the com­mand line (e.g. cron job)


Screenshot 1: Application startup

Screenshot 2: Application run­ning

Screenshot 3: Application run com­plete

Screenshot 4: Safari book­marks

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