Hipster PDA Exercise Cards

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I started the Hundred Pushups and Two-Hundred Situps (tech­ni­cally, crunches) pro­grams a while back. Although it took a cou­ple of attempts, I finally “fin­ished” them — that is, I got up past 100 pushups and 200 situps. I love that the iPhone apps count indi­vid­ual sets for you and times your breaks between sets. When the count gets up to fifty, sixty, sev­enty, eighty, I some­times lose track of which –ty I’m on dur­ing the break, so I occa­sion­ally lose or gain mul­ti­ples of ten in my count. Blame short atten­tion span or short-term mem­ory or ...I for­get. As I said, the iPhone does a great job of count­ing. Unfortunately, the iPhone apps do not have many options once you run off the end of the les­son plan. You can repeat the last day, you could awk­wardly reset to a par­tic­u­lar day, or you could not use it. At the dif­fi­culty level I was on, the last day was much more than 100/200 and I wanted to get as close to those counts as pos­si­ble because my hope is to expand from 3 days per week to 5. Resetting the apps to a par­tic­u­lar day was way more com­pli­cated than it should have been. Given lack of options, I opted for not using the apps and doing things by hand.

(I’m actu­ally try­ing to main­tain at least 100 of each most week­days)

After a few days of dis­or­ga­nized tally-marks, I decided to make a Hipster PDA tem­plate to make mark­ing things a bit more stan­dard­ized, nor­mal­ized, and read­able between sets. Although the tem­plate prints 4 index cards to a page, I didn’t actu­ally cut them apart. I just cut off the mar­gins and folded it in quar­ters.

An unex­pected ben­e­fit of doing it by hand is that I can inter­leave sets. With the iPhone apps, I’d launch the pushup app, do a set, wait two or three min­utes to rest those mus­cles, do another set, etc. I would then do the same thing with the push-up app.  When count­ing by hand, I can do a set of sit-ups dur­ing the pushup cooldown time, and vice-versa, because it is work­ing a dif­fer­ent mus­cle group. The prac­ti­cal upshot is that the whole exer­cise rou­tine takes about half as long.

Exercise Cards

This is a set of four exer­cise tracker cards for use in the hundred-situps and two-hundred push-ups pro­gram.  Print it and cut them apart, or just trim off the endges and fold into quar­ters.

Download: exercise_card.pdf

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