Monkey Fists

I picked up a few dif­fer­ent col­ors of para­cord, as well as some buck­les, last week at REI. My hope is to make a para­cord bracelet, except I got dis­tracted along the way by a more chal­leng­ing project. You see, the week before the REI trip, I picked up a cat toy that is essen­tially a mon­key fist of scratchy sisal rope tied around a more con­ven­tional cat toy: one of those whiffle-ball-like things with a bell inside. I had never seen any­thing like that before and won­dered how dif­fi­cult they were to make. As it turns out: a lit­tle tricky to wrap your brain around at first but, soon there­after, not too dif­fi­cult at all. I used some of the para­cord today and fol­lowed Stormdrane’s great mon­key fist instruc­tional video to make a book­mark and a sin­gle stand­alone mon­key fist from some of the left­over cord cut­tings. As best as I can tell, Stormdrane is the king of nifty para­cord knot­work. If you are even remotely inter­ested in this sort of thing, you should check out his instruc­tional blog.

monkey fist bookmark monkey fist closeup

Incidentally, the fun shoelace design I tweeted about yes­ter­day stemmed from the para­cord research. This design was taken from the many beau­ti­ful ones at Ian’s Shoelace Site.


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