About Me

I was goth, now I wear col­ors.  I was indus­trial, now I have short hair.  I used to play piano, now I type.

But with each of these lifestyles and changes comes a bit of learn­ing, a bit of expe­ri­ence, an ever-increasing pool of knowl­edge to pull from.  I still lis­ten to goth and indus­trial music fre­quently, I just no longer look like either stereo­type.

I like to believe that I have an ana­lyt­i­cal mind with an appre­ci­a­tion for art, music, and phi­los­o­phy; an enjoy­ment of both going out and being social as well as quiet time to myself; a bal­ance between sci­ence and magic; a mature and orga­nized life inter­spersed with spon­ta­neous out­bursts of child­like curios­ity and glee.

I like sci­ence.  I like puz­zles — mainly solv­ing and dis­cussing, though I have designed a few for the Perplex City col­lectible card game: Catcher, Circular, Confounding Cube, NAND, and Primer. I was into the Alternate Reality Game (ARG) scene for many, many years, but stepped back and took a break from it a few years ago.  In the mean­time, I have been try­ing out more local puz­zle events such as DASH and Puzzled Pint.

I have been liv­ing in Portland for about ten years, but was born and raised in “The OC” (with a short span between the two in Boston.) The peo­ple and atti­tudes in Orange County was just a lit­tle too “plas­tic” for me — both in the phys­i­cal sense, as in “surgery,” and the social sense. People in the Pacific Northwest are much more “real” and don’t go around with fake bod­ies or fake atti­tudes. I love it so much around here that I bought a house in south­east PDX a few years ago.

You might call me a geek, but often that implies that one has never been bathed by the warm glow of the sun in recent years. Quite the con­trary! While, admit­tedly, I have not gone on a proper camp­ing trip in a great many years, I enjoy after­noons out in the wilder­ness (gen­er­ally walking/hiking, with the rare boul­der­ing trip thrown in to spice things up).

Contact Information

My email address is “brian” at this domain name.

Stalker Information

For those inter­ested in stalk­ing my online pres­ence, I have com­piled a few use­ful links that should min­i­mize your amount of Googling for my name.

About the Site

Netninja.com has been around since 1997 and has always been a place for me to host my projects, col­lec­tions of links, and pho­tos. Its most recent incar­na­tion is as a per­sonal blog. The projects seem to come and go — many of the old “hack­er­ish” projects have been dropped as well as a bunch of Windows-based appli­ca­tions. This is partly because of changes in my life — I am not so much “an evil hacker” any­more and no longer use Windows–and partly due to time con­straints — I just don’t have the time to sup­port, for instance, some Java appli­ca­tion that I wrote 8 years ago.


Along with RSS, the blog posts on this site are being syn­di­cated to Twitter and Facebook. This is for a num­ber of rea­sons.

With Facebook, I have a num­ber of friends that use those ser­vices and pretty much con­strain their inter­net activ­i­ties to those places. They rarely visit blogs directly and would not know an RSS reader if one hit them in the face.

With Twitter, I know a num­ber of peo­ple who are savvy enough to use Twitter, but not yet geeky enough to sub­scribe via an RSS reader.

I used to post as [info]BrianEnigma on LiveJournal.  All posts here from 2001 through 8pm on 8 April 2007 were imported from LiveJournal, so may make ref­er­ence to embed­ded fea­tures, such as polls, that exist on LJ but not here.  There were also plenty of com­ments on those old posts that have since got­ten lost.  Well — they still exist on LJ, but were not imported, so will get lost as soon as LJ goes under.  For a while, I simul­cast blog posts from here to LJ, but a crit­i­cal mass of inac­tiv­ity over there built up, so I switched that off in April of 2008.