In which I briefly emerge as an extreme LOST nerd

It is no secret that I am a fan of Lost. In fact, I have a whole blog category devoted to the show. Most of my Lost fan-ness is passively listening to podcasts, including The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack, The Transmission, and I was recently (re-)introduced to Delta Park Gets Lost. I don’t … Continue reading In which I briefly emerge as an extreme LOST nerd

Writer Strike TV Schedule

The following is from Gizmodo’s Writer Strike TV Guide… Zero Episodes Left Heroes The Family Guy The Office 1 Episode Left Chuck Pushing Daisies 3 Episodes Left CSI House Journeyman 4 Episodes Left 30 Rock 7 Episodes Left Boston Legal 10 Episodes Remain Battlestar Galactica Posted in:

WGA Strike: What you can do

Be sure to sign the petition for the writers strike. Also, be sure to send a box of pencils to the six television head honchos: Leslie Moonves (CBS), Jeffrey Immelt (General Electric/NBC/Universal), Ruper Murdoch (Fox), Jeffrey L. Bewkes (Time Warner), Robert Iger (Walt Disney), Summer Redstone (Viacome). Posted in:

WGA Strikes

I have loosely been following the writers guild strikes, mainly to learn the ultimate disposition of this season of LOST. While my gut feeling has been on the side of the writers, I really had no idea why or know any of the details. Mainly, I see (whether this is a correct or incorrect parallel) … Continue reading WGA Strikes