My recent comic reads

Yesterday I asked about Iron Man comics and stated that I like the new Hawkeye, but that I had previously never gotten into “superhero” style comics. So which comics do I like?

Of watch clocks and game design

This morning, Daring Fireball linked to a great article called Who Watches the Watchmen. It is about the design of watchclocks — devices that date back to the early 1900s that ensure that watchmen are correctly making their rounds. It is a punch-clock-like system with the steampunk equivalent of GPS (encoded into similar keys with … Continue reading Of watch clocks and game design

“Watchmen: Justice is Coming” Mini Review

My mini-review of “Watchmen: Justice is Coming,” the iPhone multiplayer RPG, can be compressed into just one screenshot: …although the screenshot does not properly convey the reconnect time that immediately follows. Edit: also… Posted in: