A tour of my (daily) shoes

I own lots of boots, gathered over the years mainly for clubbing. Some go to my knees, some have lots of straps and buckles, some have eyelets, some zippers, one pair even has 6 inch platform soles. I have six to eight pair of fancy boots in total, but do not wear any of them … Continue reading A tour of my (daily) shoes

In which I try out barefoot shoes

Not too long ago, I was referred to a New York Magazine article about shoes. More specifically, it is about not wearing shoes and how everyone walks wrong. It was intriguing, and while I am not yet ready to jump on the crunchy-granola, dirt-worshiping, tree-hugging, long-hair-hippie bandwagon (heck, I just cut off all my hair!), … Continue reading In which I try out barefoot shoes