In which Norman is confused & annoyed by deep snow

Norman, our newish kitty–the stray one we adopted–is only about two years old. This means two things. First, he is crazy-full of energy. Second, he is not really old enough to remember much snow in Portland. Last year it snowed a tiny bit on Christmas, but nothing like the snowpocalypse we have been getting this … Continue reading In which Norman is confused & annoyed by deep snow

Dr. Horrible and the disco Dementor!

Dr. Horrible and the disco Dementor! I have my Wonderflonium, but the iPhone is not pictured. Kim’s costume was quite elaborate for being thrown together a few hours before the party. She had netting sewn into the mask’s eyes, even. She got lots of compliments, even though it usually took a little while for people … Continue reading Dr. Horrible and the disco Dementor!

The food chain in action

“There is a mouse-width trough through my loaf of bread. I think our cats are defective.” -me, 2008-10-07 It now appears that we have a pair of mousers. Last weekend, Kim discovered that Norman caught a mouse in the back yard. I don’t find the video disturbing–if I hadn’t known it was a real mouse, … Continue reading The food chain in action

Dharma Wants You! Yes, you–over there, with the hidden video camera.

For those that may have missed out, there seems to be a new game for the LOST television show! Those that saw the season finale may remember the commercial for Octagon Global Recruiting. This hinted at something-or-other happening at Comicon. If you signed up to be on the mailing list, one of the emails you … Continue reading Dharma Wants You! Yes, you–over there, with the hidden video camera.

You Suck At Photoshop 6

There’s a new You Suck at Photoshop, the Liquify tool. Unfortunately, I feel they’re getting a little less funny over time. There also seems to be some kind of game or Chaotic Fiction wrapped in with the videos (see also: this Unfiction thread for more detail.)

Superbowl commericals podcast feed?

Does anyone know of an RSS (video podcast) feed for this year’s Superbowl commercials? Google has failed me in my searches (or maybe my search-fu for this particular subject is not up to par.) I’m looking for downloadable and iPod/iPhone-syncable content. I realize that there are probably quite a few on YouTube, but I am … Continue reading Superbowl commericals podcast feed?

Notes from the overground

1. Near-freezing temperatures today: the weather could not make up its mind whether to rain, snow, or hail this morning. 2. Massage. Yeay! My back’s still pretty f’ed up, yo. Usually, the massage helps, but today things were especially bad. I’ve lost weight, though–most of my pants no longer fit me–but my back is a … Continue reading Notes from the overground