On Dealing With USB-A-to-C Charge Cables

UPDATE: A Mastodon friend grabbed one of the noncompliant devices and did a deep analysis. See the “More Technical Detail” section, below, for those details. UPDATE 2: Adafruit has an upcoming adapter that will solve this very problem. I own about a half-dozen rechargeable devices that have “USB-C” charge ports. You’ll note I put that … Continue reading On Dealing With USB-A-to-C Charge Cables

Living With USB-C

I’ve had my MacBook Pro for a little over 6 months now. It’s the one with the touchbar and only USB-C ports. I was worried that those ports — no “conventional” USB ports nor an SD card slot — would be the most difficult part of the laptop. (It turns out that the most difficult … Continue reading Living With USB-C