The evolution of a catapult

If you scroll back a month, you will find my article entitled The Universal Catapult for Seej.  It talks about a small toy catapult I designed and printed for a tabletop war game.  You would not know it because there is no mention of other versions, but it is entirely focused on the 3rd revision … Continue reading The evolution of a catapult

Remote Update

In an update to my universal remote question the other day, I ended up getting the R5 from Universal Remote Control (yes, the company name really is Universal Remote Control.) It was $30, had built-in presets that included the TV (nice because I couldn’t use a learning remote for the broken volume buttons), and also … Continue reading Remote Update

Universal Remote?

Dear LazyWeb: Maybe you can help me where I seem to be failing. I am looking for a universal remote. The maximum number of functions I will be using are: Toshiba CS32G60 TV (this is an old-ass 32″ CRT television from the early ’90s) * Power * Volume up/down * That’s it. I don’t give … Continue reading Universal Remote?