SurveillanceSaver Quad

I don’t know how many people go back and read the comments of old entries, so this is just a heads-up that a gentleman named Philip responded to my SurveillanceSaver post, pointing to a variant he crafted that displays four images at once. This more accurately conveys the creepy surveillance security camera feel of the … Continue reading SurveillanceSaver Quad

SurveillanceSaver alpha 0a

I am not sure how many people downloaded, looked at, or are actively using that SurveillanceSaver alpha 0 that made the rounds a few weeks ago. It seems that enough people are using it that the cameras are overloaded (slashdotted, dugg-effected, whathaveyou) and can only intermittently serve up images. The way the screensaver is coded, … Continue reading SurveillanceSaver alpha 0a