3D Printed Medieval Barbie Armor

Zheng3’s Kickstarter project is to design 3D printable medieval armor for Barbie dolls. I see this as being a great transition to help girls ease their doll play from “let’s go shopping” to a much more active and kick-ass “let’s fight that nasty dragon and save the village.”

The evolution of a catapult

If you scroll back a month, you will find my article entitled The Universal Catapult for Seej.  It talks about a small toy catapult I designed and printed for a tabletop war game.  You would not know it because there is no mention of other versions, but it is entirely focused on the 3rd revision … Continue reading The evolution of a catapult

The Universal Catapult for Seej

In the late 1700s Eli Whitney, the designer of the cotton gin, developed muskets with interchangeable parts to help the United States military. The manufacture of objects with interchangeable parts was soon a key factor in the industrial revolution. Mr. Whitney is perhaps a little anachronistic when brought alongside castle and siege warfare, but we can use the principles he championed to build a better piece of siege machinery.