Ignite Portland 3

I can’t believe that I forgot to blog about Ignite Portland 3. It is being held on June 18th at the Bagdad Theater again. The lineup looks something like this: 5:30 Doors Open 6:00 Registration & Networking 7:00 Presentations Wave 1 * What is Ignite? * How to buy a car for under $1,000 – … Continue reading Ignite Portland 3

Beaker & Flask and “the miracle fruit”

I have seen several reference to several articles on those berries that do hallucinogenic things to your tastebuds, but this New York Times article, pointed to by Avatrix makes mention of an upcoming restaurant in Portland. I am absolutely going to have to check this place out for two reasons. First, they are developing drinks … Continue reading Beaker & Flask and “the miracle fruit”

Historic Photos of Portland

As I mentioned before, I find myself the owner of a book entitled Historic Photos of Portland. I guess they have a whole series with various cities in the US. I’ve been meaning to pour through it for the past few weeks, but between busy weeks and busy weekends, I never had the time. The … Continue reading Historic Photos of Portland

The past week, in which we defend the birdfeeder from squirrels

Thursday: Went to The Architecture of the Universe lecture for the Institute of Science, Engineering, and Public Policy. It was very heady and presented a compelling multiverse theory that I’m not sure I groked enough to retell here. Also heard, once again, the apocryphal story of turtles all the way down. Friday: date night at … Continue reading The past week, in which we defend the birdfeeder from squirrels

Belated Update #1

It is time for my belated post about Ignite Portland 2. I did not go to the first. In fact, I had no idea there even was a previous one here. A little unsure what to expect, I figured it would be a big geekfest full of nerdy guys. In reality, it was just about … Continue reading Belated Update #1