In which JiveUrinal is asymmetrically f’ed up

LiveJournal really confuses me sometimes. I read and comment on people’s journals using my OpenID account. My actual blog gets syndicated there by the brianenigma_rss pseudo-account. It seems that LiveJournal, even though it is acting like an RSS reader, allows people to comment on its local copies of RSS articles. This morning, Kim pointed … Continue reading In which JiveUrinal is asymmetrically f’ed up

Email Update #2

Back in September, I issued a warning about my email address. If you have me as enigma@ in your address book, you should change that to brian@. As of today, I’m officially shutting down the enigma@ address. (Not that I’ve looked at it recently, anyway — it’s pretty much just spam at this point.)

Hello from the new

This is a test post after dropping all existing content and merging the and content into the same site.  They now mirror each other (although the .com is still the preferred access domain.)  At some point in the future, I expect web filters to drop from their list of evil sites.  … Continue reading Hello from the new