The Neo-Victorian Cubicle

If you’re going to do something, do it big. ¬†Make it spectacular. ¬†Whether it’s a fantastic success, an amazing effort, or an astounding failure, make it something people will talk about for a long time. A couple of weeks ago the office in which I work did a bit of a reshuffle. We ran out … Continue reading The Neo-Victorian Cubicle

The Affected Provincial’s Companion

I picked up a book called The Affected Provincial’s Companion a few weeks ago. This was a book that was indirectly recommended on some steampunk-something-or-other. While not directly ‘punk, it does a great job of capturing the more formal and stuffy neo-Victorian attitude. It is a guidebook of attire and behavior that is written tongue-in-cheek … Continue reading The Affected Provincial’s Companion

The Mutant Room

Supposedly, I had some bad dreams last night. I remember startling awake a few times, but I do not remember any details. What I DO remember is the excellent and realistic dream I had just before waking up. It was mainly about a place — a club or bar — that my brain insists is … Continue reading The Mutant Room