Mason Jar Size Cheat Sheet

Much like the Hex Math Cheat Sheet, this is more of a “note to self” post. I use a lot of mason jars. Storage, projects, drinking glasses. I have various custom lids, and a few I’ve glass-etched. They’re all wide-mouth, but I can hardly remember which is which size. So I made a quick cheat-sheet … Continue reading Mason Jar Size Cheat Sheet

Experiments in Glass Etching

Every fall I bust out the candlemaking supplies. My skill in that department isn’t going to place my candles in fancy boutiques, but they’re functional enough to provide some warmth and ambience throughout the winter. And every year I hone that skill or broaden the scope to adjacent domains. I’ve mainly stuck to producing container … Continue reading Experiments in Glass Etching

A Second Mason Jar of Happiness

Last year I started a tradition of keeping a mason jar of good thoughts. The recipe is simple. First, keep an open mason jar on top of the refrigerator. It’s a location that I see nearly every day but is also out of the way. Second, keep a magnetic notepad on the fridge. Third: throughout … Continue reading A Second Mason Jar of Happiness

A mason jar of happiness

  Last December or January, I saw (probably on Twitter) someone who was either starting or finishing a year of a “jar of happiness.” I’m not sure exactly what it was called and I could only guess at the details of how he or she implemented it, but I decided to adopt it for 2014. … Continue reading A mason jar of happiness