I should probably have that looked at

’tis the season for broken laptops.  Last month, I took in my laptop-turned-server with the broken video chip and expired AppleCare.  Fortunately, it was a known defect and they covered it, even with the expired warranty.  My main computing device, an older-model (Rev. B) MacBook Air (also with expired AppleCare) has been slowly deteriorating over … Continue reading I should probably have that looked at

Macworld Thoughts

Of the things announced by El Steveo, I have to say that I’m thrilled by the technology in general, but not terribly interested in owning much of it. My thoughts: * MacBook Air: yep, it’s tiny. My laptop really serves as a portable desktop, so a super-thin slightly underpowered/underfeatured laptop just does not do it … Continue reading Macworld Thoughts