Internet calendar formats revisited

A few weeks ago, I was complaining about the lack of a good Open Source library for both parsing AND making use of the vcal/ical internet calendar feed format. ¬†Quite a few solutions exist for simple parsing but few (okay, zero that I could find) solid, robust solutions exist for doing anything intelligible with the … Continue reading Internet calendar formats revisited

The horrors of internet calendar formats

I have been working on a little side-project for a few weeks now. One of the things I thought I could add easy-peasy, slam-dunk, was a read-only view of a shared calendar. I have seen the iCal data format before, and it didn’t strike me as particularly difficult, just A BUNCH OF CAPITAL LETTERS and … Continue reading The horrors of internet calendar formats

5 October 1582

Something that I remember hearing many years ago, either in a history class or reading in Astronomical Algorithms, was that centuries ago — when the concept of the Leap Year was first created in the reformed Gregorian calendar — the powers that be adjusted the calendar by a little over a week to make up … Continue reading 5 October 1582