G1 is made of grapes

I was in Whole Foods the other night and discovered they had the Google G1 phone! And it was on sale! It was much cheaper than I remember the reported cost being and I did not even have to sign up for a service plan. After bringing it home, I’m starting to wonder if maybe … Continue reading G1 is made of grapes

Inbox Zero again

Well, I’m back down to inbox zero again. I’ve been at inbox 2 for several months, mainly because of trouble-tickets I opened (and were quickly fixed) for stuff related to moving Kim’s email from Dreamhost (our web host) to Google Apps for Domains as part of her shutdown. They were mainly placeholders to remind me … Continue reading Inbox Zero again

Google Chrome

Google’s new Chrome web browser looks quite promising. I set up a virtual machine running XP today to test it out. It turns out that it will not run on Win2K (my current virtual machine) and the XP install is from some expired MSDN disc or something and does not have a functional Genuine Windows … Continue reading Google Chrome

Google Chrome

I haven’t read this on any of the geek news sites yet, but flipzagging posted a little info on Google Chrome–the rumored web browser from Google. There is even a comic book by Scott McCloud to describe the browser and its inner-workings. (Warning: some of the comic gets into geeky things like threads, processes, and … Continue reading Google Chrome


Is anyone else non-plussed by the gPhone/Android announcements? It seems to me that they’re simply releasing Yet Another Cellphone OS. They’re making a big deal that it’ll be open and interoperable and that anyone–from the basement hobbyist to the corporate programmer–can write apps. Don’t most of the other cellphone OSes (WinCE, Symbian, Palm, Sidekick, and … Continue reading GooPhone

Google Street View

I noticed something interesting with Google Street View today. Normally, there is this little paper-doll guy that you can move around on the street to indicate your position. Picking him up and moving him great distances causes his feet to swing around. I guess they updated the images for the end of October: Posted in: