Silver-plated Letterpress

I have only linked to Etsy products a few times on this blog, but each time I do I feel that I need a boilerplate caveat about my views on Etsy — or more specifically, the products being sold there.  I mainly see Etsy through the lens of Regretsy, which goes to great lengths to … Continue reading Silver-plated Letterpress

Son of Apple and other things

It feels like it’s been a while since I posted something here, so I will start with a few cool things and then drop into the various and sundry items. First! My second ever Etsy purchase arrived last night. I know Etsy to be the land of puffy-paint, glitter, and rhinestones; of “fashion” sweatshirts; of … Continue reading Son of Apple and other things

Is “shrinky-dink” a euphemism?

It’s no secret that I really dislike Etsy. While there may be a few gems on there, I find the majority of it to be PTA room-mother country-bunny craft-store crud, covered in puffy paint, glitter, and googley eyes. It’s pretty much the online version of the local “I create jewelry” phenomena (which translates to: “I … Continue reading Is “shrinky-dink” a euphemism?