I found a different kind of egg on Easter

A few weeks ago, I was preparing to travel. I have two lists I perpetually maintain for trips. One is a packing list of everything I will need (clothing, toiletries, chargers), stuff I might need (swim trunks, sunscreen, Fire TV Stick), and a separate appendix for camping. Overall, it holds almost 200 items! The other list is full … Continue reading I found a different kind of egg on Easter

Ham is the new bacon

Maybe it is just a “Plate o’ Shrimp” moment, but after a significant amount of time of ham barely being on my radar — you know, the occasional ham & cheese sandwich, but nothing terribly memorable — I have had some great chunks of ham in the last few days. The first was at the … Continue reading Ham is the new bacon

Assorted Pictures

Please note that all blog posts before 8 April 2007 were automatically imported from LiveJournal.  To see the comments and any LiveJournal-specific extras such as polls and user icons, please find the source posting at http://brianenigma.livejournal.com/2006/12/Assorted pictures that never quite made it onto LJ in the past couple of months… This weird bicycle-with-trailer was heading down … Continue reading Assorted Pictures