Washing my hands with help from a MakerBot

At work, we have motion-activated sinks. This is great in theory, but the ones we have seem to be pre-set with a very specific focal length. The following picture marks the spout, the sensor, and the approximate range of locations where movement is detected. It works perfectly. *IF* you contort your wrists and turn your … Continue reading Washing my hands with help from a MakerBot

Playing With Knives

Please note that all blog posts before 8 April 2007 were automatically imported from LiveJournal.  To see the comments and any LiveJournal-specific extras such as polls and user icons, please find the source posting at http://brianenigma.livejournal.com/2006/01/I am not sure which knife block I like more, the human head or the voodoo doll.