The Dark Knight

Kim and I saw The Dark Knight on Friday after a yummy dinner of sushi and edamame. I do not know I can contribute anything that has not already been said elsewhere, much more eloquently than I can say it. It was the best movie I have seen in many a year. I do have … Continue reading The Dark Knight

Harvey Dent believes in me

In a time where we are constantly getting barraged by political messages about presidential candidates, it is refreshing to receive a package from a candidate running for a less lofty position. In this case, it is Harvey Dent running for District Attorney of Gotham. I am not entirely sure that I live in the correct … Continue reading Harvey Dent believes in me

In which I comment upon Heath Ledger’s untimely demise

It seems that every person with a blog, in the last 24-ish hours, has parroted “Heath Ledger is dead” in some form or another along with links to assorted news articles. It seems that now I am doing the same. When I first heard the news, my initial thought was “isn’t he dead already?” Some … Continue reading In which I comment upon Heath Ledger’s untimely demise


Clothes! The other day, Substitute twittered “Internet + consistent sizing = jeans by mail. Yay.” Usually I buy my pants from the internet (zip-off BDUs from, but yesterday, I picked up a pair of green non-zip-off BDUs from Andy and Bax. In other news, my shirts come from blank apparel, my socks usually come … Continue reading Items!