Phonemarks: Bookmarks for your iPhone


Phonemarks is a web application for storing and displaying bookmarks in a fancy interface similar to the iPhone’s home screen. It also gives you an advanced search box–not simply Google, but IMDB, Wikipedia, and several others.

overview image

You can see a read-only demo of the application and its administrative interface at The admin password is “secret” but keep in mind that this is a read-only demo that will not actually let you modify data.


First, download Extract the files and upload them to your webserver. Depending on your web server’s setup (specifically, if your web server runs with different permissions than your shell/ftp account), you may need to alter the permissions on links.txt. Most FTP programs have a way to do this. From a Unix shell, you can do this with the command “chmod 777 links.txt”.


You can add your own icon images by putting 64×64 image files in the “images” folder. The web application will automatically pick them up. I prefer transparent PNG files, but you are free to use anything.

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